a strength in numbers...

DelMar is a team of software development specialists, with a diverse skill set, that believes in collaboration, candor and staying engaged with you from the very beginning.

Never hired a software development firm before?
Here is how it works with DelMar:

  • You contact us and describe your idea
  • We schedule a meeting to conduct an initial consult to talk about your vision—no cost, no obligation
  • We ballpark the cost and the schedule
  • If we're all in the ballpark, we schedule another meeting
  • Everyone comes together to explore the details about your application and the technical requirements necessary to meet your vision
  • We deliver a more formal quote and finalize a production schedule
  • Throughout development, we work closely with you in production phases or software iterations, constantly keeping you in the loop and gathering feedback to optimize efficiency on the path to delivering what you imagined
  • Along the way, every iteration is code and interface tested to promote more reliable performance and allow shift-on-the-fly changes at minimal cost
  • We provide technical support, training, documentation or anything else you need to get up and running
  • We also provide downstream development as you add features or need to adapt or migrate to other software system advancements

...but not too big

Strength also means flexible and responsive.

Every software project moves through the same production process—sales, business analysis, development and testing.

Compared to the larger, more business-bureaucratic development houses that have a department for each, DelMar keeps a smaller, faster team of pros who can serve any of these roles—maintaining optimum process continuity for much better control of cost and quality.

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